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Nazali Tax & Legal International

With its experienced and experienced team, NAZALI offers legal solutions in financial law and its sub-disciplines such as accounting, corporate finance and tax litigation. NAZALI summarizes its efforts to offer its clients a strong growth policy based on knowledge and law. Since our founding in November 2014, our plan has been to become an international consulting firm. We have found that Turkish companies need a reliable advisor to abandon their local and foreign investments at an address without worrying about finding a new one abroad. The same applies to other foreign multinationals that have investments in Turkey. Therefore, after completing our local organization in Turkey (with five offices), we immediately focused on our international organization in the jurisdictions preferred by most multinational corporations to serve as long-term advisors to multiple jurisdictions. We are open to Turkish and international applicants, including articling students and law students. We are a full-service law firm offering a wide range of consulting and litigation services to domestic and international clients through our partners, partners and consultants of varying seniority who have experience in both the public and private sectors. We have a multidisciplinary structure specialized in tax, corporate and commercial law, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, legal services for the protection and resolution of disputes, protection of personal data and privacy, social security and labour law, labour protection, competition law, intellectual property and research and development, customs and foreign trade, financial incentives and compliance. In addition to our legal services, we have the NAZALI Audit, NAZALI Accounting & Payroll and NAZALI Tax Certification service lines under one roof. CLIENT: Serhat Karakulac (General Counsel) COMPANY: DAIKIN TURKEY TESTIMONIAL: We appreciate NAZALI for their valuable knowledge and support, especially in complex cases. NAZALI offers its clients the most efficient and comprehensive solution by assessing all dimensions of legally complex issues.

Working with lawyers/consulting firms requires that we, as a legal department, oversee the processes in order to ensure the efficiency and security of the proposed legal steps and solutions. We can easily say that NAZALI is very strong in the trade union concept and their knowledge and experience, including union bargaining, is one of the reasons for our choice of NATALI. The main characteristics of the team are extensive experience in union negotiations, quick responses to our requests and effective and less risky solutions to legal problems. We always appreciate NAZALI`s solution-oriented approach and appreciate their legal service. CLIENT: Gül Tarhan (Director of Tax and Accounting) COMPANY: EGGER TURKEY TESTIMONIAL: Nazalı is one of our few consultants with reliable knowledge and experience. We have been working on a project to harmonize the “data protection law” with our company and will continue to advise on this. During this project, I was impressed by their knowledge and experience in the field of international law, which they demonstrated in the consultation “Personal Data Protection Act”. As we are an international company, Nazalı`s team easily aligned with the GDPR system while adapting local legal requirements. At the same time, it is important for our company to be able to continue with a good level of service in English in the field of law. If we have any questions on the subject, we always get a quick answer and can solve problems. CLIENT: Sertaç Keleş (Director of Strategy and Corporate Development). COMPANY: OBILET.COM TESTIMONIAL: A very strong and dedicated team led by a very experienced competition expert, Metin Pektaş.

Nazalı Tax & Legal has provided us with the most up-to-date knowledge on the latest cases, jurisdictions and regulations so that we can comply with the rules and regulations of the Competition Authority and eliminate all kinds of legal risks in the long term. Together, we were able to secure approval for a groundbreaking M&A transaction within a very tight timeframe. Partner involvement, responsiveness, flexibility, holistic approach and confidentiality are the distinguishing characteristics of Metin Pektaş and his colleagues. What sets NAZALI apart from others is that it offers its clients a truly comprehensive service with experts from different disciplines working together under one roof, allowing the team to assess all dimensions of legal issues as well as financial and technical issues. As we are already a full-service law firm and our legal and technical team is very strong; There are currently no new service lines in sight. But we will expand our global offices to make them multidisciplinary with our local offices, and (hopefully) continue to invest in new jurisdictions (e.g. South Africa and America). Finally, we offer young trainee lawyers and law students opportunities with our internship programs. During their articling, they can gain experience in different areas of law and discover their interests, while we are inspired and motivated by their zeal and energy. Our corporate team, competent in various disciplines, strives to provide unique solutions tailored for this purpose.

Our experienced team supports multinational and local clients in their long-term strategic planning and day-to-day operations. Our lawyers combine their legal skills with an understanding of our clients` business needs to provide constructive, relevant and accurate services. What sets us apart from others is that we offer our clients a truly comprehensive service, where our experts from different disciplines work together under one roof, allowing the entire team to assess all dimensions of legal issues as well as financial and technical issues. In order to develop our services for clients, our services for clients include the most appropriate solution due to the support created by our technical departments specializing in tax, finance, social security, customs, intellectual property (engineering) and IT. Social security law can be briefly defined as the management of the relationship between employer, employee and social security institutions on a legal platform. CLIENT: Tuba Çetin (Legal Manager) COMPANY/COMPANY: CARGILL TURKEY TESTIMONIAL: Nazalı supported legal services during collective bargaining. We are very impressed with their professional approach to negotiations, which focuses on details and creates legal solutions for every scenario we face during negotiations. They have extensive legal and technical knowledge in the areas of labour law, personnel issues and trade union matters. The review and reformulation of the CBI Agreement was carried out very quickly and smoothly. The explanatory legal opinion, which covers all the small details for each step, was very handy for a multinational company involving different stakeholders from different jurisdictions.

CLIENT: Vural Gözgeç COMPANY: KRİSTAL OIL TESTIMONIAL: We have developed an excellent partnership with Nazali in the field of competition law. Their commitment to our customer contracts is evident in every aspect. We appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach to renewing our agreements. Their meticulous work helped us easily solve any problems we might encounter in the future. Our business partnership with Nazali does not only include legal services. We also receive tax audit services from them. CLIENT: Nuran Güney (in-house lawyer) COMPANY: İŞ LEASING TESTIMONIAL: We were very satisfied with Nazali Law Firm`s advisory services in competition law and data protection law. The data protection and competition law teams were made up of experienced members who could cover all the needs of our business. Our partners Ülkü Solak and Metin Pektaş were very experienced and available at all times.

We plan to cooperate with Nazalı Law Office in future legal affairs. Thank you very much. Phone: +90 212 217 18 80Fax: +90 212 217 18 90Email: CLIENT: Ash Ahn (Tax Manager) COMPANY / COMPANY: SAMSUNG C & T TURKEY TESTIMONIAL: We particularly appreciate Nazali for her accurate and quick response to our problems.

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