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New Mexico Ohv Street Legal

As mentioned in Section A of this chapter, section 66-3-1011(C) provides that an off-highway recreational vehicle or an off-highway vehicle may operate on a road or paved lane if authorized by an order or decision of the local authority. Continuing our series of articles analyzing ATV laws in each state that emerged from this article, this article examines ATV laws in New Mexico. It should also be noted that although I am a lawyer, I am not your lawyer and do not give legal advice. If you have any questions, you should consult a local lawyer. If authorized by an order or resolution of a local authority or state transportation commission, an off-road recreational vehicle or SUV may operate on a paved road or highway owned and controlled by the licensing authority if: Below is a list of ATV and UTV road rules in various counties or cities in New Mexico. The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish can be contacted at 800.366.4868 to report illegal signage, garbage, or OHV violations. Age-appropriate size standards in New Mexico are restrictions on the size of ATV or ATV/ROV that a young rider can ride. Note: Vehicles manufactured for off-road use cannot be registered as on-road approved. The Department issues a special standard off-road vehicle licence plate (sticker) indicating that the consignee intends to operate an off-road motor vehicle on paved roads or highways in accordance with the provisions of the Off-Road Motor Vehicle Act (see Chapter 16, Division F). ORV on paved roads or highways (§66-3-1011(C)) THE LAW: Rebecca Atkins of the Albuquerque Police Department states: “ATVs are not legal on the road in Albuquerque. Other states/cities have exceptions for these vehicles, but not here. If ATVs or other SUVs are seen on the road, officers stop, quote and tow the vehicle.

Currently, ATVs are only allowed to cross a paved public road, not to drive on a road, otherwise they could be cited by the authorities. If Senator Neville`s bill becomes law, local entities can decide whether or not to issue a local ordinance to legalize travel on paved roads. In its original form, SB 270 would have legalized the use of off-road vehicles (OHVs) on paved roads across the state. In addition, it would have imposed an exit charge on a local authority or issued an ordinance expressly prohibiting the use of such vehicles on certain departmental or municipal roads. However, in its current form, this bill gives municipalities and counties the power to issue an order or resolution mandating the roads or stretches of highway on which these vehicles are allowed to operate. Charlie Moore, a spokesman for the state`s Department of Motor Vehicles, said state Law 66-3-1011 prohibits ATVs/ORVs on paved roads. State law states in part: “A person may not operate an off-road motor vehicle on a . paved road or highway,” except to cross a road after stopping or if authorized by the local authority or state transportation commission. Senate Bill 51, passed by the Legislative Assembly in its 2017 regular session, created a new § 66-3-1003.1 that provides for the issuance of a special sign (sticker) for PHEVs whose owners intend to use them on paved roads or highways.

But readers also say that such anarchy on the streets of Albuquerque is nothing new — in fact, it has become more common. Albuquerque police say they tow and tow bills in these cases. And Councilman Isaac Benton plans to introduce legislation next year to combat the “Mad Max dystopia” our streets have become, especially in his district, which includes the section where Pronoy died. Note: Vehicles manufactured for off-road use cannot be registered as on-road approved. The off-road vehicles were manufactured exclusively for off-road use. The Motor Vehicle Division will not register off-road vehicles as “road approved” vehicles, even if they are modified by the owner, mechanic, dealer, etc. THE TIP: Benton couldn`t agree more. In an open conversation Thursday, he expressed outrage at Pronoy`s death and lawlessness on too many streets of Albuquerque in every quadrant of the city.

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