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Nota Legal Manaus

1. Go to the page click on the “Register” tab. In Qipu, you can issue service invoices with just a few clicks. To issue your notes, only that you have a web password that can be purchased at the town hall of your municipality. Any material, information, article or other communication transmitted, sent or published on this website will be considered non-confidential information, and any violation of the rights of its creators will not be the responsibility of liz Serviços Online. It is strictly forbidden to transmit, exchange or publish through this website material of an obscene, defamatory or illegal nature, as well as texts or creations of third parties, without the permission of the author. Liz Serviços Online reserves the right to restrict access to information sent by third parties to its users. Liz Serviços Online may, but is not obligated to, monitor, seek and restrict access to any area of the Site where users transmit, exchange or modify information and may withdraw from the airwaves or remove access to such information or communications. Liz Serviços Online is not responsible for the content of information entered, edited or exchanged between users, whether lawful or illegal. The citizen only has to register on the campaign page (; Fill in the data and choose one of the listed social institutions, which should also be assigned if they are drawn. Here are all the accessibility controls that can be used.

The laws provided for here are the responsibility of their creators and, since they are public, have free access to interested persons. Public acts modified/edited (updating of texts) by Liz Serviços Online may not be reproduced, modified, published, updated, displayed, transmitted or distributed in any way without the prior written permission of Liz Serviços Online, except through the resource provided by the system itself when opening a law entitled “Send to an email”. The reproduction or storage of materials restored by this service on other websites or books subjects violators to the penalties of the law. The name of the website, its logos, domain names for Internet access, as well as all the characteristic elements of the technologies developed and presented here in the form of database articulation constitute trademarks and private intellectual property, and all rights deriving from their registrations are guaranteed by law. Certain rights of use may be transferred by Liz Serviços Online under a contract or special license, which may be terminated at any time if they do not comply with the Terms. Liz Serviços Online trademarks may only be used publicly with express permission. The use of these marks in advertising and product advertising should be properly informed. 5.

At the end of this procedure, the consumer awaits registration through the coordination of the programme. 6. The Legal Note system sends an e-mail confirming the approval of the registration, and from that moment on, access to the system is released. These are schools, classrooms, medical clinics, gymnasiums, cinemas, mechanics, beauty salons, among others. The full list of service providers required to issue the tax document is available on the “Note Awarded Manaus” campaign website. 2. Enter a valid CPF and email address and click “Next”. Date of inclusion in the municipal system: 30/06/2022 This is the consolidated version. It contains all changes that occurred up to 28.06.2022. Share: Ordinary Law No. 2833/2021 Manaus/AM These Terms of Use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Brazil.

After reading it, you can contact us to answer any questions or exercise your rights regarding your personal data in accordance with Law 13.709/18, simply contact us through the contact form available on the contact page of the site The tools and resources offered on this site constitute express and unreserved acceptance of the terms of use and privacy policy described above. This document was last modified on June 1, 2021. Have you encountered any problems with this legislation? Let us know that we will be conducting the analysis with the public body. Did you know that by asking for the utility bill, you are helping the city fight tax evasion and allocate more resources to the development of work in the fields of education and health? Indeed, the amount of taxes collected is destined for the city`s treasury, which costs a large part of the improvements made to the city. Rosemary Pinto, head of the national health system, pleaded for people to abide by social distancing orders to stop all but essential activities. Manaus, a city of 2 million inhabitants in the heart of the Amazon rainforest and capital of the Amazon, has been particularly hard hit with 800 confirmed cases. The state as a whole had 40 deaths out of about 900 confirmed cases. The websites listed are not under the control of the company liz Serviços Online, so it is not responsible for the content of other websites indicated through liz Serviços Online or accessible through liz Serviços Online.

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