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Word Meaning Legal Responsibility

The terror group claimed responsibility for the prime minister`s assassination. n. One of the most important words in the field of law, liability means legal liability for one`s own acts or omissions. Failure by a natural or legal person to comply with this liability exposes him to a claim for damages resulting therefrom or to an order of execution of the court (e.g. in case of breach of contract or violation of law). In order to win a case, the plaintiff (plaintiff) must prove the defendant`s legal liability if the plaintiff`s allegations prove to be true. This requires proof of the duty to act, the breach of that duty and the connection (direct cause) of the omission with harm or damage to the claimant. Liability also applies to alleged offences where the accused may be responsible for his or her actions that constitute a criminal offence, so that he or she will be convicted and punished. Example: Jack Jumpstart crashes a stop sign in his car and meets Sarah Stepforth as she crosses the crosswalk. Jack owes a duty of care to Sarah (and the public), which he violates through his negligence, and is therefore responsible for Sarah`s injuries, which gives him the right to take legal action against him. However, Jack`s father owns the car and he too can be held liable to Sarah, based on a law that makes a car owner liable for damage caused by the vehicle he owns.

The father`s responsibility is based on “legal responsibility”, although he has not personally breached any obligation. A signatory of a promissory note is responsible for the money owed if it is not paid, as is a co-signer who guarantees it. The contractor who has agreed to complete a building is liable to the owner if he does not finish on time. It is their responsibility to ensure that the rules are enforced. The terms have different meanings in legal English and cannot always be used interchangeably. = the state of being legally responsible for something We have a moral responsibility to help these countries. of justice. The Executive Director took full responsibility for the consequences of her actions. When studying the examples, please note the collocations (or sentence types) in which these words are typically found. = being legally responsible for something, paying the cost of something (so the focus is on the idea that you may have to pay for something that was done because of you). NOTE: We never say “legally responsible”.

There is a need to increase professional liability. Financial obligations on a company`s balance sheet are called liabilities. The master is responsible for the safety of the vessel. = being accountable for your decisions and actions and expecting you to explain them when asked, formally accountable to the public (so the focus is on the position you have and the duties associated with it, very similar to “reporting to someone”) = a requirement to process something because of your job or position, so that you are blamed if something goes wrong You are responsible for the design of the entire project. The tenant is responsible for all repairs to the building. = have a job or a duty to do something and explain your actions to someone in a higher position The directors of a corporation are accountable to the shareholders. Every effort will be made to bring those responsible to justice. Individual shareholders have limited liability for the company`s debts up to the value of their shares in the company. We must ensure that the decisions made are held accountable. The employer was held liable for its employee`s actions. The insurance company has admitted liability, but the amount of damages has not yet been agreed. = the amount of money owed by a person or company, debts The defendants were held jointly and severally liable.

The court ruled that he could not be held personally liable for his wife`s debts.

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