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Xia Dynasty Laws

Yu the Great considered ceding his throne to Boyi, who had helped him during the time with the work to control the floods. However, Yu`s son Qi had other plans. Qi used his position of power to take control of his father`s throne by assassinating Boyi, establishing the hereditary dynasty, and introducing slave labor. There were many mythical stories about Yu`s birth. One said that his body showed no signs of decomposition at the age of three after Gun`s death, and when someone opened his body, Yu jumped up. Another is that Yu`s mother gave birth to him after eating some kind of wild fruit. Yu was believed to be the son of a god. Archaeologists have discovered urban sites, bronze tools and tombs that suggest the possible existence of the Xia Dynasty at sites cited in ancient Chinese historical texts. There is some debate as to whether or not the Erlitou culture was the site of the Xia Dynasty, focusing mainly on whether archaeological evidence of urban settlement in the pre-Shang Dynasty region should be considered a confirmation of the traditional narrative of a xia, or independently of the historicity of the xia, due to the development of population growth and agricultural development in the fertile regions of eastern China from the Neolithic period onwards. through ancient history.

Radiocarbon dating places the sites of Erlitou between 2100 and 1800 BC. AD and provides physical evidence for the existence of a contemporary state and possibly equivalent to the Xia Dynasty, as described in later classical Chinese historical works. [27] In 1959, a site was excavated in Yanshi City that contained grand palaces that some archaeologists claimed to be the capital of the Xia Dynasty. In the 1960s and 1970s, archaeologists discovered urban sites, bronze tools, and tombs at the same locations cited in ancient Chinese historical texts about Xia. [28] In 2011, Chinese archaeologists discovered the remains of an imperial palace – dated to around 1700 BC. AD – in Erlitou in Henan, further fueling discussions about the existence of the dynasty. [29] At the very least, the era traditionally referred to as the Xia Dynasty marked a period of urbanization and agricultural development that built a bridge between late Neolithic cultures and the urban civilization of the Shang Dynasty. [28] The mythological interpretation of the Xia Dynasty was established in the 1960s/1970s AD. with the discovery of palaces and four-walled houses (as opposed to previous rotundas), which matched the descriptions of historians who wrote about the Xia Dynasty centuries after their decline. Further evidence of the existence of the Xia has since been discovered, but no written record of any of these structures clearly identifies them as Xia constructions, and so the debate continues over whether the First Chinese Dynasty was a reality or just a politically motivated invention of later writers. The National People`s Congress (NPC) and local people`s congresses at all levels, formed through democratic elections, represent the people in the exercise of state power.

People`s congresses are the basic units of political power in China, and the NPC and its Standing Committee exercise the highest level of this state legislative power. The People`s Congress system is responsible for the establishment and supervision of all administrative, judicial and prosecutorial units at all levels of government. The system was introduced after the meeting of people`s congresses at different levels in 1953 and convened at the first National People`s Congress in 1954. Deputies to county and municipal people`s congresses are directly elected. Deputies to people`s congresses above the county level are elected by lower-level deputies. AFN deputies are supervised by delegates at lower levels and are ultimately accountable to those who can call them back. The AFN has the authority to review, approve and report on national economic and social development plans. It is also responsible for auditing and approving the State budget and the report on its implementation during its annual session. All administrative, judicial, prosecutorial and military authorities, as well as other state institutions, are accountable to and supervised by the NPC.

The NPC`s legislative powers include electing the President of China, supervising the implementation of the Constitution, amending the Constitution, promulgating the Basic Laws, deciding on the election of the Premier of the State Council on the proposal of the President, electing the Chairman of the Central Military Commission, and electing all other members of the Central Military Commission on the proposal of the President. and the election of the Chief Justice of the Supreme People`s Court. The NPC meets once a year for about two weeks. Between these meetings, its authority is exercised by its Standing Committee, elected by the AFN membership, which is accountable to the AFN and reports to the AFN. The current chairman of the NPC Standing Committee is Wu Bangguo. The judicial system of the People`s Republic of China is established by Articles 123 to 135 and consists of the People`s Courts, the Supreme People`s Court, the People`s Procuratorate, the Supreme People`s Procuratorate, the Military Procuratorates and other special procuratorates. Article 129 designates people`s procuratorates as “organs of legal control of the State”. The Supreme People`s Procuratorate, accountable to the NPC and its Standing Committee, is the highest law enforcement agency in China, exercising and supervising law enforcement agencies at all levels of government and at the local level. The prosecutor`s office considers that cases should be investigated by the public security authorities in order to decide whether or not a suspect should be arrested and whether or not a case should be prosecuted. initiating and assisting the Public Prosecutor`s Office in criminal cases; and supervises the activities of public security and state security agencies, people`s courts, prisons, detention centers, and labor reform institutions.

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